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What is the discount code for new customers?

First time buyers can use the code SNEAKY15 to get 15% off their first order.

Why won't my discount code work?

If you are trying to use the SNEAKY15 discount code and it won't work, it is likely because you have already made a purchase with the email address that you are signed in with.  This code is only valid on your first purchase. For all other discount c

What promotions are currently running?

If we have a promotion currently running, you will find it on the home page. If it’s a deal you’re looking for, we also have a sale page that we refresh every other week. And finally, you can sign up for our email/text programs to b

Why won’t the Sneaky15 discount code work for me?

The Sneaky15 discount code is only valid for 15% off on your first purchase. If you have purchased from Pair of Thieves before you are unfortunately not eligible to use this discount code.

MLB Discounts

Unfortunately, no promotions or discounts may be applied to the Pair of Thieves MLB line of products.