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So many options! What type of underwear is right for me?Updated a year ago

Your decision ultimately depends on the cut and feel of underwear you like. Our underwear comes in both SuperFit and SuperSoft material.


As far as fabric goes, SuperFit fabric is magical micro mesh knit performance fabric, so light you almost forget it's there, yet so comfortable it will not be ignored. It's engineered with 4-way stretch to move with you, never against. It's like a second skin, minus the very regrettable college tattoo. Most people say they can barely tell that they have them on at all. These are a good choice for those who’re active and looking to combat SWASS.  


Our SuperSoft fabric is a brilliant blend of soft cotton and viscose fibers that feel insanely comfortable. Engineered 4-way stretch provides added distraction-free range of motion and body flow. If you could weave a cloud with a hug from a chinchilla, you might know true softness. Alternatively, you could just try SuperSoft.


In terms of underwear cut, we have several different types:

  • Long boxer briefs: our longest cut at 7" inseam
  • Boxer briefs: our best selling cut at 5" inseam
  • Trunks: 1.5" inseam
  • Briefs: our smallest underwear cut
  • Boxers: if you prefer loose fitting underwear


If you’d like a more info, this page might help out too:

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